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Oct. 18th, 2016 01:03 pm
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Wanda has learned some skill, however she still needs assistance from time to time.
Some things are beyond her, which the Doctor accepts. It took him years - in a time loop, mind - to learn these things.

To hone his skill, to concentrate.
She is eager, though, most of the time.

He continues to practice himself, so he doesn't go too easy.
He is currently busy with his spell-book, incanting over and over until it is smooth and fluid and will be second nature once needed.


Dec. 30th, 2015 09:31 am
mysticaldoctor: (magic)
He walks, slowly through the halls. The Avengers are injured, still trying to make up for battling with themselves over their morals.

This is a grey area to Stephen.
Friends fighting against friends, for friends.
And laws that humans write to attempt to keep themselves and their interests safe.

Sometimes selfish laws with the appearance of doing good.
It's not the first time.

The girl is struggling.
Reaching out, desperate.
She has more capabilities, but she has not yet learned to control it.
He did not like... teaching, before.
Neurosurgery required demonstration of skill for the board from time to time, but he didn't... teach people.

He did not possess the patience for it.
And her powers are... odd.
They are augmented in, spliced into her genetics.
But no one else can do... such things.
Except, me.

He will reach out, cautiously, telepathically, across the room, without moving.
You're not alone.
He doesn't say I'm here, she should be clever enough to figure that out.
She misses her twin, the other part of her, and the battle had dredged up memories of that, obviously.


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